Whether you are a seasoned athlete looking to perfect your performance or new to the gym looking for motivation confidence hypnosis can help.


Hypnosis can improve sport performance by looking at different factors that  include:


  • Your reason for wanting to make a change. Some people get lost as their goal is not clear. Knowing what you want to achieve and what drives you helps to build a clear pathway.


  • Your goal and how realistic it is. Many people set unrealistic goals with fitness. Discussing the goal, breaking it down into stages and mini steps makes it easier to achieve and to build a decent training regime.


  • Exploring and getting rid of fears and anxieties. We all experience fear and anxiety. Sometimes it is needed and other times it just holds us back. We would explore where the fears and anxieties came from and other ways of being.


  • Look at other blocks that is stopping you from achieving what you want to achieve. There may be a number of factors that are blocking you from improving your sports performance or reaching your fitness goal. We can explore these and "reprogram" your mind to either remove the blocks or to use them to your advantage.


I also work with coaches and trainers to make sure that what I am doing is in line with the training goals.