O.K., so you've decided that hypnosis is something you want to try but are a little put off or worried about what you think happens during a hypnosis session. So to alleviate any fears here's what your first session will look like.

You come we sit down and talk for a while. I start by explaining your consumer rights through the Code of Health and Disability Services

(here's a link: http://www.hdc.org.nz/the-act--code/the-code-of-rights)


We talk about what hypnosis is, what you may experience and what is required of you to help you. Then I give you a choice of whether or not you want to continue with the session and be hypnotized.

So, let's say you decide to try hypnosis. Ok, we start by having a check of your imagination. This allows the both of us an understanding of how you imagination works. Next up we do an induction into a hypnotic state. Generally this is a slow relaxing induction.

Then we do another check to see how you are reacting to the suggestions. This may involve me touching your arm and/or hand but I will seek your permission first.

Next we continue with deepening the hypnotic state. This is followed by me giving you the suggestion that reflects the reason why you attended.

After that I help bring you out of the hypnotic state, we chat to see what your experience was like then we finish.